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"Returning to a small life, cleaning the mother river" - Xinshengda Group's charity activities

On April 22, 2018, it was the 49th "World Earth Day". The Fuyang District Public Welfare Organization carried out the activities of "returning a small life and cleaning the mother river" on the Qingshui River on the Fuchun River. Nearly 300 primary and secondary school students and citizens participated in the event. Zhejiang Xinshengda Holding Group sponsored the event as a loving company, and Fuyang TV and Fuyang Daily reported on the scene.


After the event began, Xu Liqun, chairman of the group's labor union, spoke as a representative of a caring company: calling for environmental protection and persisting in a sustainable green enterprise. The representatives of primary and secondary school students also made a speech: Earth Day is a common festival for all mankind. It calls for people to respect the earth and protect the earth. It is also our exploration of how to better protect and rationally use resources to achieve coordinated development between man and nature. Next, the small fish was released on the spot, and the event released a total of 20,000 fish fry.

President Xi Jinping proposed at the Boao Forum for Asia to "respect the nature and cherish the earth." China will stand on the world stage with sustainable development. It depends on whether the whole nation can establish environmental awareness. It depends on you, me, and him, depending on the actions of each of us.

Xinshengda Group will work together to create a prosperous life in Fuyang with the spirit of environmental protection and technology.