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Xinshengda Group holds the 2018 Spring Basketball Tournament

Employee health and sports are an important part of Xinshengda Group's spiritual civilization construction and corporate culture construction. It is a platform for the exchanges and learning, friendship, unity and hard work of the various centers and companies of the Group. On May 4th, Youth Festival, Xinshengda Group’s 2018 Spring Basketball Tournament was held at the Chunjiang Street Basketball Court. A total of eight teams participated.

Each athlete is based on the sports style of “Friendship First, Competition Second”, and carries forward the higher, faster and stronger Olympic spirit. The spirit is full, the morale is high, and the results are spelled out on the field. The energy is bursting in every corner of the arena.

The entire stadium was filled with a tense and warm atmosphere, and the passion of the players was fully reflected on the court. Everyone on the court fights for you, exerts full skill and energy, and does not miss any chance of scoring. The off-site colleagues did not idle, while handing water and handing towels for the players, while cheering and cheering for the players.


After four days of competition, the group center team took the lead and won the championship. Li Naibin, vice president of the group company, made a closing speech and presented awards to the champions and other teams.

The basketball game not only enriched the amateur style and life of the employees, but also reflected the corporate connotation that the group company has always advocated to focus on cultivating the overall quality of the employees. At the same time, it strengthened the in-depth implementation of the corporate culture, enhanced the friendship among employees, and cultivated The spirit of unity and cooperation shows the good style of the new winning adults.