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Xinshengda Group distributes Dragon Boat Festival condolences to all employees

On the occasion of the annual festival of the Dragon Boat Festival, in order to let every new employee win a happy and peaceful festival, and let everyone feel the warmth of the company's family, the group union was on June 12th. The staff specially distributed holiday condolences such as scorpions.

Propriety is light and affection is heavy. In recent years, every time the traditional festival, the group will send care to every employee in the first time, which fully reflects that Xinshengda adheres to the development philosophy of “people-oriented”, constantly doing practical things for employees, improving things and improving all employees. Happiness index. From the laughter of the employees, we can see that the employees feel the care of the company. Everyone has expressed their enthusiasm for cherishing the care of the company. They will work harder to return the company and work together to contribute to the stable development of the company.