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Zhejiang Xinsheng, the Badminton Team of China University of Political Science and Law

On July 20th, the 22nd China College Badminton Championships was held at Huanggang Normal University. There were 968 athletes from 85 universities (including 691 student athletes and 277 from Peking University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. "Principal Cup" athletes).

The athletes of the China University of Political Science and Law are sincerely cooperating and invincible, all the way through. It fully demonstrates the hard-working struggle of the law students, the spirit of self-improvement and the spirit of persistence and never give up. In the end, they will once again defend the champion of the women's team and realize the "three consecutive championships".

As the sponsor of the Chinese University of Political Science and Law badminton team, Zhejiang Xinsheng Badminton Club cooperates with the team to fully demonstrate the team strength and provide a series of professional training and guidance before and during the competition. After the game, President Fa Da Feng praised the Xinsheng Big Badminton Club. At the same time, he also thanked the head coach of Xinsheng Big Badminton Club and former world champion Shen Wei for their selfless dedication and guidance to the Fuda Badminton team doubles.

Zhejiang Xinsheng Badminton Club will continue to support the Fuda Badminton Team and look forward to working together to achieve even better results in the badminton court!