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Xinsheng Group organizes "risk Prevention and response to production Safety" training

On July 28, 2018, Zhejiang Xinshengda Group organized the principals and safety owners of each branch to participate in the one-day special training on “Safety Prevention and Response to Safety Production” in Science and Technology Park, Yinhu Street, Fuyang District.
During the training, Mr. Zou Jun and the trainees analyzed and discussed the accident cases. Why can a simple mopping of the ground cause fire and casualties? It is because the usual safety education is not in place, and potential safety hazards cannot be discovered in time. It was the strict observance of the special operation procedures, and it paid a painful price.
In the humorous way, Mr. Zou also referred to the occurrence of a security accident as "two changes and one use", that is, "wife remarried, the child changed his family name, and the pension was given to others." In addition to jokes, it is a sharp statement that security is actually for yourself, not for others. Let each student deepen their understanding of the importance of safety work. This is not only a job, but also a responsibility and a mission!

Through the in-depth study of this training course, each safety management staff will further help each safety management to understand the meaning of safety and strengthen the necessity of safety for production and life. No security, everything will be zero.
After careful explanation and discussion by the teacher, the safety managers of Xinshengda Group felt that the pressure on the shoulders was heavier and the responsibility was greater. To ensure safety is not only for the benefit of the group, but also for the stability of the society. An employee's accident will bring the burden and pain of several families.
We believe that as long as we adhere to the principle of "people-oriented, safety first" and zero accidents as the goal of safety management, we will be able to promote a more harmonious development of enterprises and society.