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Xinshengda Group organizes "effective communication and execution" training

On September 12th, Xinshengda Group organized employees to conduct “Efficient Communication and Execution” training in Hualong Branch to help employees master and apply effective communication methods, improve employee collaboration and execution, and create efficient management and Executive team to further enhance the company's cohesiveness and efficiency.
The training was given by Huang Hui, a special lecturer of the Fuyang Platform for Public Service of SMEs in Hangzhou. The training courses mainly include executive thinking, execution mode and communication elements. During the training period, the participants completed a series of trainings to strengthen team communication, execution and tacit understanding, so that everyone can feel the important role played by effective communication and execution in a team. Although the training time is short, the rewards for everyone are rich. In particular, the tests on the limb expression test and the simulation role communication in the training have aroused great interest of the participants. Everyone actively participated in the activity. The atmosphere of the live discussion was very warm.
Through this training, everyone deeply realized that good communication is the prerequisite for ensuring the implementation and completion of production and operation and various work tasks. In order to successfully complete various production and operation plans, it is necessary to have effective communication and execution, in actual work. Only by striving to strengthen communication and enhance execution will we be able to fully improve work efficiency and achieve twice the result with half the effort.