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New Shengda Group and China University of Political Science and Law sponsored signing ceremony held in Beijing

 On December 11, Zhejiang Xinshengda Holding Group Co., Ltd. and the China University of Political Science and Law Sports Department sponsored the signing ceremony in Beijing, Li Shengfeng, Chairman of Xinshengda Group, Shi Chenxi, Executive Director, Shen Sheng, Head Coach of Xinshengda Club, and Feng Shiyong, Politics and Law University The principal, Director of the Sports Department, Jia Haixiang, and head coach Li Nan attended the signing ceremony. The badminton world champion Xu Chen also witnessed the cooperation between the two parties as a special guest.
At the meeting, President Feng Shiyong and Director Jia Haixiang acted as representatives of the school and delivered speeches on this cooperation. The two welcomed the arrival of the new Shengda Group and expressed their gratitude to the group for their help and support to the badminton team of the Politics and Law University for two years. We can adhere to the principle of “prospering campus culture, serving and generating talents, promoting corporate image, and cooperating with mutual benefit and win-win”. We will be able to cooperate more deeply in the next four years to jointly promote the development of China's badminton industry.
Li Shengfeng, chairman of the group, said that since 2016, Xinshengda and China University of Political Science and Law have started the cooperation. As a sponsor of the Fuda Badminton Team, Xinsheng Day is committed to the development of sports, helping the Dafa team to select the new badminton team, training the badminton, and achieving excellent results in various competitions. Xinsheng General will continue to be a strong backing of Fuda and look forward to working together to achieve even better results in the badminton court. The new winner will create a platform for athletes to achieve self-worth and self-seeking. It is hoped that the law can also serve as a strong support for the new winning legal system and to send more talents to Xinshengda.

Finally, the two sides formally signed a cooperation agreement, expecting the two sides to continue to strengthen contacts, in-depth communication, and work together to achieve greater achievements!