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The Kedah and Kulim County government delegation visited our company

On April 23, Malaysian Kedah Executive Member YB Tan Kok Yew (Chen Guoyao), Kedah State Investment Bureau General Manager Encik Noor Ikhsan bin Hj. Abdul Aziz and Kedah Julin County Council 5 people to Xinsheng The big group conducted an inspection. Li Shengfeng, chairman of the group, received a delegation.
At the symposium, Chairman Li Shengfeng welcomed the arrival of the delegation. At the same time, Xinshengda made a detailed explanation on the development process of the company, the support needed for the project and the planning of the company for the next five years. Mr. Chen has a detailed understanding of the needs of enterprises and expressed his views on the difficulties encountered by enterprises in the process of project promotion. He also said that Kedah has attached great importance to the new Shengda Green Paper Park project and hopes that Xinsheng can become a local Benchmarking enterprises have become a new boosting force for the Kedah economy.
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After the symposium, accompanied by the chairman and other reception staff, the delegation visited Zhejiang Wenfeng Paper, Zhejiang Wanzhong Paper, Zhejiang Samsung Thermal Power and Zhejiang Chunnan Wastewater Treatment Plant, and asked in detail during the visit. Xinshengda's market size, research and development, production and environmental protection.
(Visit Wenfeng Paper, Wanzhong Paper)
(Visit Wenfeng Paper, Wanzhong Paper)
(Visit Wenfeng Paper, Wanzhong Paper)
(Visit Samsung Thermoelectric)
(Visit Samsung Thermoelectric) (Visit Chunnan Sewage Treatment Plant)
On the afternoon of the same day, accompanied by the leader of Yuyang Qun, deputy head of Fuyang District, the delegation visited the Fuyang District Administrative Service Center. Under the guidance of the central leadership, the delegation expressed a high recognition of the efficient way of working by the Chinese government and expressed the hope that through this study, the Chinese model can be brought into Malaysia, thus truly benefiting the local people and businesses.
(Visit Fuyang District Administrative Service Center)

(Experience 24-hour self-service area of ​​Fuyang District Administrative Service Center)
(Investigate Fuyang District Administrative Service Center)
(Investigate "Jiang'an Mingshou" construction site)
(Visit the "Waterfront Mings" sales center)
Finally, the delegation also visited the construction site and sales center of the group headquarters building “Jiangbin Mingzuo”. The group said that Xinshengda has diversified development and international vision. It is believed that Xinshengda’s project in Malaysia will be able to Smooth progress and success in one fell swoop.