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Xinshengda holding group held the signing ceremony of the 2017 annual responsibility statement

     In order to ensure the new wins big group 2017 annual business goal, establishing perfect performance management system and incentive constraint mechanism, the strengthened enterprise execution, on the evening of January 18, 2017, zhejiang new wins big holding group 2017 annual target responsibility of signing ceremony in the third floor conference room, hualong company chairman Li Shengfeng nai-bin li, vice President, group management team members, hr, safety and environmental protection and the company general manager and management team members to attend;The ceremony was officiated by Mr Simon Lockhart, group director of human resources and administration.
At the meeting, the chairman of the group and the general manager of each company respectively signed the "2017 annual production and operation target assessment responsibility", "2017 annual safety production target assessment responsibility";After signing the letter of responsibility, wenfeng, bluebird general manager dong zhijin made a statement on behalf of the company.
Then, the chairman of the group and the ministry of environmental protection signed the "2017 annual target assessment of the ministry of environmental protection responsibility";After the signing of the responsibility letter, xu liqun, manager of the ministry of safety and environmental protection, made a statement at the meeting, saying that he will live up to the great trust in 2017, and lead the safety and environmental management team to fulfill their duties and achieve the goals set in the assessment responsibility letter.
After duty agreement signed, the group vice President addressed to guide nai-bin li, said the new wins big group companies in 2017 to comprehensive management target responsibility system, elevate the value of all the staff closely linked with enterprise's prosperity, utmost ground excitation management and all the staff work enthusiasm, to realize the enterprise development and employee's value enhancement promote each other, make new wins big career become a common cause of all my colleagues.
Finally, group chairman li shengfeng made an important speech, making it clear that 2017 is the "basic management year" of xinshengda.As one of the four fuyang paper group, xinshengda should actively carry out modern enterprise management mode and comprehensively carry out the target responsibility system, which is an important part of the development strategy of xinshengda and also the continuation and sublimation of the core values of the enterprise.In 2017, managers at all levels should have a high sense of responsibility and sense of ownership, speed up the pace of work and promote efforts, closely focus on the group's work objectives, focus and go all out to create new glory for our common cause!