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Representatives of Xinsheng Group made a special trip to the District Social Welfare Centre to offer love and warmth.

"Good deeds condense virtues, love conveys strength." Recently, representatives of Zhejiang Xinshengda Group made a special trip to the Social Welfare Center of Fuyang District to carry out the activities of “Devotion of Love and Warmth”.
In order to bring cordial greetings and concern to the elderly and children, on the afternoon of December 4th, representatives of the Xinshengda Group went to the District Social Welfare Center, sent them apples, and exchanged views with the elderly and children.

The children in the welfare center, some are born with disabilities, some are abandoned by their parents, lose their health and lose the love of their parents, which makes people feel very distressed. Fortunately, they were taken in by the welfare center, which gave the children a home where they could feel the warmth of people. But these are still not enough. These children and the elderly need more love and more help. There is still a lot we have to do.

Zhejiang Xinshengda Holding Group is a company with social responsibility and responsibility. The chairman of the group upholds the concept of giving back to the society and always pays attention to the development of charity in our district; the group will help more people in need in the future and drive more The social forces have joined the social welfare cause.