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The “Xinsheng Big Cup” All-round Competition in Chunjiang Street, Fuyang District ended successfully

In order to further promote the "artisan spirit" among the employees of Chunjiang Street enterprises, strengthen the construction of professional skills. On December 20th, the “Xinsheng Big Cup” all-round contest was held by the Xinjiang Group, organized by the Chunjiang Street Federation of Trade Unions, and organized by the Xinshengda Group Wenfeng Paper Company.

Through the pre-registration, a total of 65 employees from 14 companies in the street area participated in the competition. The competition is divided into two practical operation projects: “Electrical Competition” and “Machine Repair Competition”. Before the start of the competition, each business team showed their full spirit. Xu Liqun, the chairman of the Xinshengda Group Labor Union, made an opening speech, hoping that everyone will play a friendship and match level in the competition.

The electrician competition requires the competitor to input the power supply wiring to the inverter in the shortest time, so that the inverter can start and stop in the forward and reverse directions, and the multi-speed speed is given. During the competition, each contestant can skillfully complete the wiring and debugging operations. Among them, Hualong Paper's contestant Li Yuanfeng completed all the operation contents in just 12 minutes and won the electrician's individual competition. Out of the "artisan" level of the frontline workers.

The mechanics competition is even more intense, requiring the contestants to complete the vertical welding of the two iron plates in the shortest time. A seemingly simple game, but multiple steps are required to complete the weld. At the competition site, the welding machine roared and the arc flashed, and the contestants carefully polished and welded. The referee team will comprehensively consider and evaluate the final product of the player from the aspects of weld height, beautiful weld seam, burr of corner, and vertical angle of iron plate. In the end, Jiang Zhengrong, a contestant from Bluebird Paper, won the championship.


The all-round contest is one of the activities of the Chunjiang Street Federation of Trade Unions to cultivate "Chunjiang Artisans". On the one hand, the contestants who participate in the competition can exchange learning with their peers, and on the other hand, they can better carry forward the "artisan spirit" of excellence. Through this competition, it will help bring more employees around, strengthen business skills learning, further elevate the enthusiasm of learning technology and drilling business, and form a good atmosphere for everyone to learn technology and be a good expert. Efforts to become an expert, to become a knowledge-based, skilled, innovative workers, to contribute to the transformation and upgrading of Chunjiang Street.