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Zhejiang Xinshengda Holding Group 2017 Annual Excellent Suppliers Annual Meeting

On January 5, 2018, the annual meeting of Zhejiang Xinshengda Holding Group's 2017 Excellent Suppliers was held in the conference room on the 7th floor of Fuyang International Trade Hotel with the theme of “Let's establish a business and win with quality”. Li Naibin, Vice President of the Group, and Lu Chenggang, Director of Group Purchasing Center, and other leaders from 20 outstanding suppliers from all over the country attended the annual meeting. The annual meeting was chaired by Liang Zhongping, the manager of the Group's technical quality department.

The meeting was first welcomed by Lu Chenggang, Director of the Group's Purchasing Center. In the welcome speech, Mr. Lu first thanked the representatives of the suppliers present and the contributions made by the suppliers in the past 2017 to Xinshengda Group in the supply of materials. The review of the supply of materials for the entire group in 2017 was carried out. It is proposed that in 2018, the company will continue to adhere to the principle of “integrity management, quality assurance, communication, clean and co-construction”, and progress and develop together with suppliers.

After the welcome speech, Liang Zhongping, the manager of the Group's technical quality department, reported to the suppliers here on the four aspects of the new Shengda Group, 2017 company performance, future supplier cooperation requirements and development vision.
A total of 20 suppliers received the “Excellent Suppliers” honor in 2017. After the awards, 7 outstanding supplier representatives delivered their testimonials, shared their growth history with the company, and discussed the new Shengda Group. The cooperation prospects were reported and exchanged; the supplier partners showed confidence in the future cooperation with Xinshengda Group, and said that they would give full support and cooperation in quality, price, delivery, service, etc. The concept of cooperation in establishing a business and winning by quality.

 Finally, Li Naibin, Vice President of the Group, made a concluding speech, reviewed the work of Xinshengda Group in 2017, and explained the working ideas of 2018 and the standards and requirements for supply cooperation under the new situation. He also expressed his expectation to cooperate with suppliers. Sincere cooperation, to achieve resource sharing and achieve a win-win situation.

"Take the business by faith, win by quality", 2018 will be the starting point for the new round of development of Xinshengda Group and the vast number of suppliers. We firmly believe that with the rapid development of the new Shengda Group's development strategy, cooperation with all supplier partners will surely produce more fruitful results!