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Zhejiang Xinshengda Group 2017 Annual Commendation Conference and 2018 Responsibility Bookmarking Ceremony

The golden chicken resigned from the old year, and the Jade Dog reported for the New year. On the afternoon of January 31, 2018, Zhejiang Xinshengda Group 2017 Commendation Conference and 2018 Responsibility Bookmarking Ceremony were held in Fuyang International Trade Hotel. Nearly 300 people including Chairman Li Shengfeng, Party Building Instructors, and leaders at all levels and 2017 advanced collectives and advanced individuals attended the conference.

The meeting first conveyed the spirit of Document No. 1 of 2018 in Zhejiang Xinshengda Group, which pointed out the direction for the Group's work in 2018, clarified the objectives, set priorities, and put forward requirements, which made employees feel the arduous task of the new year. It has further strengthened the confidence and determination to achieve the goal. The following responsibility bookmarking ceremony was simple and solemn. The chairman of the group and the subordinate branches signed the 2018 annual business target and safety production target assessment responsibility letter and the Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection signed a safety and environmental protection target assessment responsibility letter to further consolidate 2017. The results of the annual management progress have enabled all employees to truly use the indicators as their work goals, turn stress into work motivation, and regard responsibility as a work mission to ensure smooth progress throughout the year.

The grand recognition of 2017 advanced collectives and advanced individuals pushed the whole meeting to a climax. Four advanced branches, six advanced workshops, 17 outstanding managers, 22 excellent team leaders and 156 outstanding employees won the supreme honor of the group. And step by step to accept the leadership award. To commend outstanding and set benchmarks, we intend to call on all employees to be advanced, advanced, advanced, and advanced. Everyone shines in their own posts and contributes to the development of Xinshengda.

At the end of the meeting, the chairman of the group made an important speech, affirmed the achievements of the group in various aspects in 2017, objectively analyzed the existing problems, and put forward the hopes and requirements for the work of the new year. At the same time, it also deployed the development plan of Xinshengda Future, guiding all employees to correctly face the overall demolition plan of Jiangnan Block Paper Industry, answering the doubts of employees, dispelling employees' concerns about the future, and making all new adults more Have the confidence and determination to meet new opportunities and new challenges, realize new breakthroughs, new developments, and move forward on the road of development of the times, and create a new victory!

 "Xiongguan is as good as iron, and now it's going all over again." I believe that the new victory will be better tomorrow!