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Zhejiang Xinshengda Group held the 2018 New Year Meeting

The door of the dog barked, and the joy of the spring came. On the evening of February 3, 2018, Zhejiang Xinsheng Group “Through you, thank you all the way” 2018 New Year’s Annual Meeting was held at Yaodu Deyue Hotel. Fuyang District Federation of Trade Unions and Chunjiang Street leaders were invited to attend. Group employees 200 The rest of the people participated.

The annual meeting opened with sand paintings. Through a series of sand paintings, it reproduces the difficulties of the establishment of Xinshengda Group. It is through the joint efforts of all new adults that the group has achieved today’s success. Results.
Then, the employees of the branches who failed to come to the scene brought a video of the Spring Festival blessings, an ordinary post, a bright smile, a sincere feeling, and Xinsheng adults infect the presence. Every family member. Vice Chairman of the District Federation of Trade Unions Zhang Xiaowei and Vice President Li Naibin delivered speeches for the annual meeting.

“We are serious in selling paper,” the partners in the marketing center brought an opening dance to everyone. They are dressed in military uniforms, and they are eager to sing red songs. At the same time, we also encouraged us to follow the party, not forgetting the initial heart and moving forward.

 The new Shengda talents come forth in abundance, surprises, Cantonese singing, Yue opera performances, military postures, and the performance of the "Jiangshan Unlimited" brought by the manager of the purchasing center Zhou Xiaofu pushed the party to a climax. At the same time, various awards have been produced one after another, and the final special award is the iPhoneX Flower Marketing Center Hu Yanfang.


Li Shengfeng, the chairman of the group, also brought a video of the Spring Festival blessings to everyone. I wish every new adult in good health, work, family happiness and good luck in the new year!

 Finally, the New Year party will be successfully concluded in the singing of the representative of each branch, "Tomorrow will be better". I hope that the new victory will be better tomorrow!